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Our Services

The Official Visa Center offers a variety of affordable services to suit your specific situation.

Online Assessment:

The Online Assessment is designed to determine if you may be eligible to apply for a visa to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Program. The Online Assessment incorporates criteria set by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Official Visa Center online assessment is the most accurate and comprehensive Online Visa and Immigration Assessment tool available which will let you know if you meet the points and requirements to proceed with your visa application. With this you will also receive Australian Settlement Information (including how to find employment).

Your Visa Process Starts Here

Visa Application Service:

The Visa Application Service is a comprehensive service where a Registered Migration Agent will review your documentation, prepare and facilitate your Visa Application on your behalf.
This personalized service provides you with affordable, fixed cost advice and easy to understand information that will suit your individual circumstances.

  • Step 1 - Initial Assessment
    A Registered Migration Agent will conduct an initial review of your Online Assessment to confirm that you have chosen the most appropriate visa.
  • Step 2 – Detailed Assessment and Documentation Check
    The Documentation Check involves a Registered Migration Agent reviewing all of the supporting documentation required to ensure that it's complete and sufficient enough to submit a strong, valid visa application. This step also involves a Registered Migration Agent advising you on what essential steps and procedures you need to complete before your visa application is lodged. This step can take up to 14 business days from when your Online Assessment is complete. To expedite this process it is recommended you send your CV at the time of the your completion of your Online Assessment.
  • Step 3 – Visa Application Preparation and Submission
    The Visa Application Preparation and Submission Check will involve a Registered Migration Agent checking that all of the forms and supporting documentation are complete and correct. The Visa Application is then submitted to the relevant governing authority on your behalf.
  • Step 4 – Visa Application Processing and the Decision
    The Official Visa Center will correspond with governing authorities on your behalf during the processing of your application as required. This will ensure that you are kept informed about the status of your application and that it is being processed as quickly as possible. Your assigned Registered Migration Agent will act on your behalf if any issues arise in the processing of the visa application.